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Bishop Collective is Changing Garment Industry One American-Made Shirt at a Time

It has been a while since we blogged about some cool companies in New York City. One of the companies we support is Bishop Collective, a cool NYC startup starting a private label for everyday basics clothing that is ethically sourced and manufactured. Makers Ring is proud to partner Bishop Collective on its mission to redefine American manufacturing.

Behind every great company, there’s a socially responsible mission that lifts the brand above the rest. Hear the story from the lips of the founders, Mai and Dimitri:



After being funded by a Kickstarter compaign, the co-founder Mai Vu and Dimitri Koumbis, who met as teachers at top fashion schools in NYC, are working closely with American manufacturing partner to create T-SHIRT or TANK in the colors of your choice. Their private label basics are made from a blend of pima cotton and tencel, giving it the softest hand. This is the ultimate quality shirt. We, at Makers Ring, cannot wait to get our hands on these well-made American basics! Grab yours now!

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